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Struggling to engage your members?

You're not alone!

It can be tricky to ascertain what members want and how they feel about their membership, especially for large organizations with thousands of constituents. Member feedback holds the answers. However, analyzing your member feedback can be difficult without the right tools.

Join host Jasmine Cheung as she sits down with Lauren Nachstein from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to explore how text analysis provides an efficient and objective solution for distilling member insights that allow you to personalize communications and programming to improve your member experience.  

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1. Generating high-quality member feedback

Understanding your members' experience and expectations requires more than just annual membership surveys. It starts with asking the right questions at the right time. 

2. Tips and tools for finding insights in member surveys

Surveys become valuable when they are analyzed thoughtfully and intentionally. We'll explore best practices for generating the insights you need to boost member experience. 

3. Turning insights into member personas

Using insights to develop your member personas and putting your personas at the forefront of your programming and communications strategies is essential to driving member engagement and retention. 

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